“The best kind of happiness is a habit you're passionate about.” 
― Shannon L. Alder


  • Adjust Today means focusing on today to create a better life for tomorrow.
  • Adjust Today means living in the present.
  • Adjust Today means making today's decision.
  • Adjust Today means taking control of your life.

Today Evolved Ltd. has a vision for creating a health and life initiative based on 3 things: Simple, Effective, Life Change.

Dr. Dustin Dukart is a Chiropractor who believes in the "Just Enough" approach. Acknowledging that life is very complex and moves quickly, we know that complex programs simply do not work. 

We want change and we want it now, but we want to also be making the most informed choice available to us. We aren't stupid, yet often when we ask ourselves "Is this working?", a yes seems out of reach. 

Maybe you are like most of us looking for something that works: you find yourself trying something new and then one week later you abandon that idea for the next great thing with no results?

Perhaps you have accomplished many great things in your life and your health seems to keep taking a backseat due to the complexities of nutrition, pain cycles, and inconvenience.


We Have Answers.

Our Provider Dr. Dustin Dukart has made it his mission to create lasting Relationship and Experience based care that improves your life inside and outside of our beautiful facility.

Gentle Chiropractic Care that integrates specific muscle rehabilitation, muscle sequencing, functional movement, and lasting change.

We focus on you today, as you are. You have a choice in care, we simply want to work along side you in your personal journey to health and lifestyle improvement. 

Always with your permission, Dr. Dukart will thoroughly explain what is causing the pain in your life, lay out how we can help, and every procedure is discussed before it happens. 

We won't force you into anything you are uncomfortable with and Dr. Dukart will spend the time necessary to create lasting change.



  • Removal of painful locks or pinches in the spine

  • Removal of muscle scar tissue

  • Improving Posture

  • Restoring Joint motion

  • desk/sitting DISEASE

  • improved strength via therapeutic exercise on site



Chiropractic is highly recommended by this former GOVERNOR



The cutting-edge work we perform is brain conscious. Our providers integrate Neurology, Chiropractic, Nutrition, and Functional Movement Rehabilitation. 

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